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Realtor Education

At Coldwell Banker Hearthside, Realtors we put a strong emphasis on training, especially training with technology tools that will make our industry more efficient and productive. The videos below are part of our weekly "Video Release Friday" series, and we are happy to share them with our Realtor colleagues. Want to learn more about our training programs and technology tools? Click here to read about joining our team.

  • 10 GMail Tips & Tricks

    10 GMail Tips & Tricks

    Whether you're toting an iPhone, learning a Droid or just making you way on the office computers GMail from Google is a great web-based tool that has tons of great features.  Here Stefanie Hahn outlines some of her favorites and makes the case for you to switch.  Coldwell Banker Hearthside, Realtors email system are currently optimized to take full advantage of the GMail platform.

  • The Language of twitter

    The Language of twitter

    Don't know the difference between a tweet and a twit but keep hearing about how twitter can help you communicate with clients and prospects?  In this video our Education Director, Stefanie Hahn steps you through the basics, shows you how to compose a tweet and also explains why "lurking" on twitter is sometimes your best strategy.  Interested in seeing how twitter can help your business?  Currently Coldwell Banker Hearthside, Realtors has more than 65 different twitter feeds in place dedicated to giving consumers information on area school district listings. Click here to see the twitter list.

  • Get to Know Apple TV

    Get to Know Apple TV

    So you have this fancy new iPad but you're not exactly sure the best ways to bring it into your business?  In this video Coldwell Banker Hearthside, Realtors Vice President Chris Beadling introduces a creative way to tie your iPad into your listing presentation - by integrating it with the AppleTV service.  AppleTV is a fairly inexpensive add-on that can pay big dividends for open houses, buyer tours, and more.

  • Yes, You Have a Facebook Email Address

    Yes, You Have a Facebook Email Address

    Most every real estate salesperson at this point is taking advantage of Facebook to connect with friends and friendly clients.  In this video, Stefanie Hahn looks at how your @facebook.com email address may offer another alternative to your marketing and prospecting efforts without requiring that you learn a ton of new software or code.

  • What's on Your Summer Reading List?

    What's on Your Summer Reading List?

    Even though the title says "Summer" these books are more than just beach reads.  If you are at all interested in building your sphere, managing your client relationships or just becoming a multi-millionaire in a few easy steps you may want to have a look at the books Stefanie Hahn is putting into her iPad (and reading hardback too!) 

  • What can PAR Do For Me?

    What can PAR Do For Me?

    This video may seem basic, but it bears repeating that being a member of the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors brings tremendous value to you and your business (assuming, of course you are a Pennsylvania REALTOR®).  Stefanie Hahn, a member of PAR's Board of Directors and an active volunteer in its committees offers a review for you and introduces you to support services and tools that you may have never known existed (and that you are paying for with your dues dollars). 

  • Content Made Easy with Houselogic

    Content Made Easy with Houselogic

    There are some things everyone knows they want someone else to do; writing content for their websites, blogs and newsletters is usually high on that list.  Thankfully, the National Association of REALTORS® has created a place where you can get well-written, consumer content in an easy format to distribute online.  Did we mention this content is free?  In this video Stefanie Hahn shows you how to use HouseLogic.com, some innnovative ways to use the content and leverage it with your customer base.  

  • Life is a Highway with Google Drive

    Life is a Highway with Google Drive

    In today's multiple-device world wouldn't it be great if there was a cloud-based system where you could store your documents, be able to edit them whenever you want AND share them with others without a hassle?  Google Drive (previously known as Google Docs) does all that and more.  For an industry that loves collaboration, Google Drive can be a terrific tool once you learn how to make it sing.  In this video Stefanie Hahn takes you through the basics, and offers some tips for maximizing this free service online.

  • AVM, the Zestimate & Your Listing Contract

    AVM, the Zestimate & Your Listing Contract

    Many of our consmers are baffled by home valuations, where they came from and how to make them go away when they don't jive with the opinion provided by MLS-based comps.  In this video Chris Beadling offers an overview of the AVM process, discuss how "official" AVMs differ from "Zestimates" and other opinions of value, and provides some helpful hints on how to make homes look better on the larger real estate aggregator sites.

  • Feed Your Brain

    Feed Your Brain

    There is so much amazing blog and article content out there for REALTORS® that is not being properly utilized to make us all better.  In this video Stefanie Hahn offers some tips on how to find the best content, how to set up your RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feed and the best places/ways to read this valuable information.  Of course some of her favorite reads are highlighted for you to conisder.

  • Real Estate & Pinterest

    Real Estate & Pinterest

    Pinterest exploded onto the scene this year, and like most new social media outlets REALTORS® were one of the first groups trying to find the best way to make it work for their business.  Pinterest, which focuses on creating social interaction through visual media (pictures) offers great possibilities, if it is used correctly.  In this video Stefanie Hahn discusses just how to pin, the best content to pin, and tips/tricks for being social your Pinterest use.

  • Exploring SocialBios

    Exploring SocialBios

    Marketed (at least by us) as "the last 'about me' page you will ever need" SocialBios from Realtor.com provide a great outlet for REALTORS® to manage their biographical data while also tieing in social media tools, recommendations and sphere-of-influence matching.  In this video Stefanie Hahn takes you through the basics of setting up a SocialBios profile, talks about the best ways to use the service, and also gives some suggestions on how to leverage it on other real estate sites.  At Coldwell Banker Hearthside, Realtors we have worked hard to make sure the SocialBios tools can be embedded right into the free IDX-enabled web sites we provide.

  • First Look - Realtors Property Resource

    First Look - Realtors Property Resource

    The National Association of REALTORS® made a huge investment to create one of the most robust warehouses of data available to REALTORS® ever. This service, called the Realtors Property Resource (or RPR) combines data acquired from your MLS (if they are a participating member) as well as from the U.S. Census, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, county tax offices and many other sources.

  • Have No Fear, Facebook Timeline is Here

    Have No Fear, Facebook Timeline is Here

    Facebook is constantly making changes to its look and its offerings.  One of the biggest changes, introduced in 2011, is Facebook timeline.  In this video Stefanie Hahn walks you through some of the key changes, tells you what you need to do to properly set up your profile in timeline format and also gives you some new privacy tips that can make your facebook experience better and more productive.