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What's My Home Worth?

As you can imagine, "what do you think my home is worth" is the question Coldwell Banker Hearthside, Realtors' agents hear more than any other.  Thankfully, we are professional about our business; you won't find us offering just an "off the cuff" sort of guess.  It is important for us to be right.  That is why we consistently have one of the smallest list-price-to-sale-price gaps in our competitive market area.  

Sure, you can do research for yourself, just be sure you are comparing apples to apples.  Homes that sold more than six months ago, and homes that are different sizes and configurations than your own are going to be viewed differently.  Too often sellers let "what the neighbor down the street got" serve as too much of a guide. 

Feel free to click and search our database of sold homes near you.  We keep our list to one year, because anything sold before that has very little bearing on your price.  Once you have reviewed the selling landscape, click here to let one of our trained sales professionals come and offer you their opinion.  While we hope that number is close to the one in your head, when it is not quite the same we rely our our 20+ year track record selling homes in all sorts of market conditions here.  

When you are considering your sale, also remember that the process of matching a seller and a buyer is not just about the price of the home, rather, it also extends to where the company can go to find them.  Explore our "Why CBHearthside" section of the site to learn why we are the best choice to help you introduce your home to its eventual new owner.